We Are in Heaven (Mamduh + Myrna Pre Wedding)

Pertama kali ketemu dengan pasangan ini, mereka cuma bilang,, “kita pengen kaya di surga,, feels like heaven,, karena dia membuat saya selalu jatuh cinta”. Surga adalah salah satu tempat yang tak tergambarkan keindahannya,,Β full of joy, full of something beautiful,,Β feels like heaven,, maybe you can fly, you can dance, you can laugh, you can smile every time,, that’s heaven,, and believe it or not,, they are bring the heaven itself Β to this photo session,, because of the love they have,,Β 

They laugh, they joy, they smile and they love each other,, its enough to call “yes they are in heaven now”..

thank for this great photo session for the couple,, i will memorize it all of my life πŸ™‚Β 

please enjoy,,, πŸ™‚

Photograph By : FRR
Assist By : Andre
DSC_6026DSC_6034dancingDSC_6080Lovely ShadowDSC_6152DSC_6105DSC_6000 (BW)DSC_6015 FixDSC_6007Fish mean Prosperity


a Bunch Of LOVE.. (Kalvin + Maria Pre Wedding)

Love is something we can share,, when we love someone then we have to be prepared to share everything in our world, everything,, so the love can hold last forever…

Kalvin and maria ,, they are who shared they love for each other and for the big family.. for they little kingdom πŸ™‚

Photograph By : FRR

DSC_2357DSC_2371DSC_2399DSC_2430DSC_2446DSC_2450DSC_2516kolaseDSC_24272DSC_24322Kolase 2Kolase 3DSC_2364